The Venetian Castle.

The Venetian Castle is situated on an evergreen hill at the district of Bohali.
It was built upon the ruins of the ancient acropolis (Psofida) and its fortifications, which are preserved, were completed in 1646.
Above the entrance gate, one may distinguish the Venetian blazon of the lions of St Markos. The surrounding area is heavily overgrown with pines and offers an excellent view to the town of Zakynthos.
Location: 3 Km from the town of Zakynthos at the district of Bohali.
Opening Days and Hours:
From November 1st to June 30:
Daily: 08:30 - 15:00, Monday: closed.
From July 1st to October 31:
Daily: 08.00 - 19.00, Monday: closed.

Telephone +30-695 - 48099
Ticket price 500 Drs.